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24 Mar 2016
How do you get your ex back for good?

Well... not by pleading and declaring your love with the promise you'd change or say anything to please her.

Or crying your heart out, with tears and snot and all, while you get down on your knees begging, hoping she'll have pity on your poor soul. And showing that without her you're now broken and completely obsessed with her ... scaring her away because there's a guy acting like a pride-less loser in her front door that looks just like her ex who used to be a cool guy.

... Not by calling constantly, or sending multiple text messages a day hoping she'll give in, raise the white flag, and come running back teary eyed because she can't take it anymore ... to only pressure her to distance herself away...

05 Mar 2014
Striking up a conversation with a girl you don't know can be hard for some guys. But most of the time, a little preparation is all that's required. Getting skilled in making small talk alone can get you lots of new friends and ladies who want to spend time with you.

Don't get left out of your peers, you should at least talk to another soul. Make small talk sexy using conversation escalation whenever you have time.

The key is moderation, even when you know how to make small talk, you can't go full blasts on every girl you meet. If you can make a conversation happen, then you know you can start making small talks. Anything can come up when you're having a small talk with someone. I mean just about anything. The ability for making small...

27 Feb 2014
If you want to text a girl the right way, you should be careful with what you send. And if you don't want her to ignore you for life, you need to avoid some common blunders.

When you get it how to text girls properly, you'll be getting dates every time. That's right, you should be getting dates when you try and text a girl. Once you know how to really text girls, you won't have problems getting dates like your friends.

Many misconceptions involve the girl not liking the guy and losing interest.

Don't ignore your chance of getting ignored by her if your text to her are lame. You can learn to text girls properly but you need to work on it and refine it. Find out when to get in touch and some powerful techniques to make her crave you. It...

20 Feb 2014
Sometimes it's hard being the nice guy.  There are two paths you can take; whine or change your attitude to that of a badass. If you want to change, there's some easy things you can do.   
Most of the time you'll vocalize what others are thinking but are meek to say out loud.  When you do say what you want, stay behind it all the way.  

If you want to be a badass, know that it can mean something very different for some people in society.  It goes well with attracting pretty girls, in fact it's better if you're a little bit badass when you meet women for the first time.  Be a badass who gets attention from women instead of one who turns them all away. 
You'll have it better with the tao of badass dating guide than what most guys ever...

26 Dec 2013
It's common for met to go only to bars and night clubs to hookup with girls. It's only natural since many party girls go there to party and get picked up by guys.  But it can be a problem if you have many things to do the next morning.

Why force yourself to go clubs and such places when you can meet women somewhere else. Women are not heavily covered in makeup in the day compared to at night in clubs. Most guys don't know about daygame blueprint so you'll have less competition in the streets.

Also, if you're into reserved girls, you won't find them in clubs partying all night. Isn't it better to meet women where ever you are no matter what time.  
But it's a different game when you try to meet girls during the day. You don't need to...

28 Sep 2013

If you use humor, you can make those around you laugh more, of course. Eliminate most of their stress so you can have better conversations with them. It works! Dates that have no laughs are boring and dreadful to be a part of.

Humor can be magic in some really bad dates, too. It can turn it around. You won't think it's true, but if your relationship is about to met the ax, just use humor. Maybe you can still work things out.

What's the deal with laughter and attraction? Women who enjoys your humor will love you no matter what. That's what. I've known guys who only got humor in the repertoire of attracting women and they do well. Even more amazing, as humor uses its magic to bridge the gap between people, they also feel better and

10 Dec 2012
Making someone happy is a great thing. Some are only lucky enough to get the opportunity to do it. There are many ways you can do it. In a relation, both parties can be happy. These days it's easy to find the information to make your girlfriend happy. There are only sites offering advice on every topic known to man. Using online dating tips you'll know some good ways to make your girlfriend happy.

While some are having trouble keeping their girlfriend happy and leaving them. It doesn't have to happen to you. If you sense something like this, you need to do something special for your girlfriend. Spend some quality time with her. And respect her decisions. Give her some space if she needs it.

Sometimes your girlfriend will get annoyed...

24 Nov 2012
Did you ever wonder why some guys gets to have good looking girlfriends even if they're not.

Chances are, it's the attitude that he has. Women are attracted to men who are naturally alpha male. Attraction is not controllable. It's an animal instinct. This goes way back in the cavemen days. Women needed strong males to survive. After a thousands of years, this didn't change. Women still likes the man who is stable and can take care of his woman.

You want to be the ideal guy that attracts women. Most men fail at this. Why? Because they don't have any idea what attracts women to men. You have to be exceptional in your own style. Stand out from the crowd.

You should know how to start a conversation with a woman. This is one of the skill you...

28 Aug 2012
There are many guys who don't have a girlfriend. It's mostly because they don't know how to get a girlfriend. Some guys are just clueless when it comes to getting a girlfriend. There are also guys who seem to have a way with girls since girls go to them instead.

If you want to make the one you're eyeing right now as your girlfriend, now is a good time to start. If you want to know how to find a girlfriend, you have to learn about women. You have to understand their needs and wants. If you do, it will be easier to get a girlfriend who'll love you.

There are some basic wants a girl have that you should know. They want a guy who can take care of himself, a confident guy. Most women needs to feel a sense of security which a confident guy can...

19 Apr 2012
Encountering completely new people is often not easy if you don't know how to attract women. Every men and women find it difficult to obtain the dates he or she want. It can result in anxiousness finding the person when you evaluate the amount of persons on the market. Discovering a date is easy but discovering a good date will be the challenging part.

You could find date by just chilling out and basically getting together with all sorts of different people. Males and females you meet up in bars are most likely not as ideal as males and females you meet at other areas. If you happen to be set on looking for a good date, encountering males and females at bars usually do not often move well hand in hand. It's probable to get...