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28 Sep 2013

If you use humor, you can make those around you laugh more, of course. Eliminate most of their stress so you can have better conversations with them. It works! Dates that have no laughs are boring and dreadful to be a part of.

Humor can be magic in some really bad dates, too. It can turn it around. You won't think it's true, but if your relationship is about to met the ax, just use humor. Maybe you can still work things out.

What's the deal with laughter and attraction? Women who enjoys your humor will love you no matter what. That's what. I've known guys who only got humor in the repertoire of attracting women and they do well. Even more amazing, as humor uses its magic to bridge the gap between people, they also feel better and comfortable to be around you.

It brings people closer together because humor and laughter ties them together really tight, if you think about it. Humor can be also like oil, making the rough parts just slide, and recognize what really matters. All those bad emotions will suddenly fade away if you use humor. Think about it, you can be happy and sad, really sad at the same time. One has to be stronger than the other.

You can use humor to change someone's behavior right there. She'll be talking a whole lot and looking into your eyes even more. Humor also increases energy, and with increased energy we can perform activities that we otherwise avoid. It's really great for your health, too.

Women are absolutely ecstatic about men with good sense of humor. That's all according to recent surveys. having just a little bit of sense of humor can be a good asset when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Guys who can make the conversation more exciting and enjoyable are just more attractive to women. Let's make this clear: Men who can't make women laugh in any way are just boring and lifeless.

You know, you're considered more smart and intelligent if you can use your sense of humor instantly and effortlessly. if you have a good sense of humor, it means you're also creative. Another important skill: They can understand other people's point of view.

Take a look at these amazing benefits of humor to the human body. It's good for the body as well as the emotion. Humor makes you healthier as it lowers stress and allows you to relax. And makes you heal faster, too.

Now that's what I call slam dunk. Can't blame more and more women going for guys with sense of humor. They just make the world a better place for women. They're filled with so much hope that each day they feel confident and relax.

Physical attractiveness don't matter that much when you got something better like your sense of humor. Girls just seem to be able to relax more around funny guys. And they sure are able to get closer easily with them, too. A man with a great sense of humor makes the woman feel confident.

When you meet women, be sure to make her laugh using the best kind of humor called high status humor. Use comedy to increase a woman's attraction for you. Make things funny. Whatever it is. Tease her until she drops.

It's better for your relationship and your overall health. Only a fool would refuse to use this. Couples who regularly laugh and enjoy themselves simply lasts longer and longer and longer. Get it? Isn't it funny when you think about how things could be better by just using one simple thing we already have.