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26 Dec 2013
It's common for met to go only to bars and night clubs to hookup with girls. It's only natural since many party girls go there to party and get picked up by guys.  But it can be a problem if you have many things to do the next morning.

Why force yourself to go clubs and such places when you can meet women somewhere else. Women are not heavily covered in makeup in the day compared to at night in clubs. Most guys don't know about daygame blueprint so you'll have less competition in the streets.

Also, if you're into reserved girls, you won't find them in clubs partying all night. Isn't it better to meet women where ever you are no matter what time.  
But it's a different game when you try to meet girls during the day. You don't need to have that high energy like in the clubs at night. You can even use props to let the girls come and talk to you. If everything went well, just tell her to meet you afterwards.  
There are alternative places to meet women during the day time.

These places often provide unseen opportunities to meet women. Malls are great since girls feel protected and are out to shop and enjoy the day. Since mall are guarded, girls are more relaxed and are able to enjoy themselves fully.

If you want to go out on a date after you met her, you won't have to look very hard for a place to sit down and continue your conversation. Parks are filled with women during a warm sunny day with their dog or sitting on the grass. Just be sure to have a good reason why you're in the park.

Maybe it's meeting girls in the park. It is easy to start a conversation in museums since there are many potential items to talk about. Markets have a lively and interesting atmosphere which can make women feel relaxed.  

Just walking around can be a good exercise to meet girls on the road. She could be going somewhere and she encounters you. She could be longing for someone to talk to right now. You should approach with a big confident smile with your mouth and eyes. Don't forget to smile when your eyes meet for the first time.

And establish eye contact as soon as you can. Convey a fun and friendly energy when you start the conversation. You should also enjoy the conversation with her. Set up a date later on if you good a good time with her. Let her know what you think so she doesn't get the wrong idea.  

If you're feeling lonely, there are many ways to meet women. Women are very social, they go out with friends and hangout with guys all the time. The best way to connect with other people is other people themselves.

Expanding your social circle will have amazing effect. If you go to church at Sunday, there are women there for you to meet. There will be many people there and they will want to meet fellow churchgoers. Go around the city if you have the time and you'll meet someone for sure. 

This can be easy to do and without any pressure. Wander around an area where there's obviously a lot of people. Get the conversation started as soon as you meet their eyes. Be a part of something you believe in where there are also many women. And if nothing works, there always the mall where you can meet young women.  

Get yourself some good times with a new girl once in a while. Take action if you want some results that you can be proud of. Go to places where the women are plenty so you'll have more opportunities. Meeting women on campus is really the easiest way you can find. Many of the students can be found relaxing at some point.

You can meet them and socialize by starting a conversation. You can take the conversation wherever you want but you should meet for a date later. If you're not a student, getting inside the school is still possible. Getting a conversation while waiting for a class is a good strategy. The many number of women there is in a class the better.

You'll have many things in common to talk about with her once you're in the same class. You can talk to her any time of the week where you'll see each other during class. It becomes much easier to get dates from the number of girls you'll meet.   
If you're into dance, you can easily meet women. It's good to be able to move your body along with getting to know some girls.

You can choose any kind of dance you like, the choices are there and you won't get bored. Having a girl as a partner will make it easier to get close. Most dance classes have more females in them than males, and you know what that means. When you're dancing with a partner, be sure you're the one leading the dance.

This is attractive to women, more so if you can make them elegant and graceful while dancing. When you touch and hold each other as you dance, you create a strong connection. You'll have many opportunities to bond with many girls. Do remember to keep your posture looking good even as you dance.

When you dance, you'll easily have something in common with every girl there. All you need to do is dance with them and words will naturally come. You'll have enough time to know each other as you'll be seeing her frequently. Take the girl of your choice to other dance related events.   

You need to approach and engage women in a conversation to meet them. If you can talk to people. you can talk to women. All you have to do is introduce yourself and allow the discussion to unfold. It don't have to be a great line, anything is fine.

Natural is still the preferred way of meeting women. If you can make her laugh the first time you meet, that counts a lot. Make her laugh and take her for a fun ride.

This is good because you're providing her with high energy and excitement. Try giving compliments and see what it does. Your compliment should be genuine enough that she'll blush and smile. This shows you are paying attention and you like her personality. There's always something to talk about if you know where to look. It's easier to just go ahead and start a conversation that trying other tricks.   

Just be your natural self. That means being relaxed when you talk to girls. Don't try to mislead or lie because it will all just come out wrong. Live every day as if it's your last. You could bring up a topic she may be interested in.

Take turns talking and try to keep her talking longer. Show interest in the things she's saying, you never when you can use them. Look at her eyes when she's talking so she'll talk more. Always add some humor into the conversation to keep it neutral and fun. Add some small compliments to make her smile.