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27 Feb 2014
If you want to text a girl the right way, you should be careful with what you send. And if you don't want her to ignore you for life, you need to avoid some common blunders.

When you get it how to text girls properly, you'll be getting dates every time. That's right, you should be getting dates when you try and text a girl. Once you know how to really text girls, you won't have problems getting dates like your friends.

Many misconceptions involve the girl not liking the guy and losing interest.

Don't ignore your chance of getting ignored by her if your text to her are lame. You can learn to text girls properly but you need to work on it and refine it. Find out when to get in touch and some powerful techniques to make her crave you. It will be easier if you know the mistakes to overcome when texting girls. 

Don't bore her with a boring text that's going nowhere. Don't be like all the rest of the world who's taking it for granted what she reads from them. And one more thing, don't send her too many text every time you get the chance.

Remember, too many too soon will only make her blind to your text messages.

Don't talk to her too long over text, there's a better place for that, you know. If you want to know her, do it in some other way. Don't show too much enthusiasm when you reply to her, too.

In case it's your first text, you can send her a text sooner than you think. You can text her the day after or just a few hours later after meeting her. Believe it or not, girls like it that you text her sooner than you think.

Do it while she still remembers who you are and how she met you. Don't make it hard for her to remember you, remember that when you get her number. Alright?

You'll also avoid the awkward message asking who you are. Her attention is already divided when you know she goes out more than twice a week. Don't leave things to chance, thinking she'll remember you when you text her. Remember when it comes to texting, don't wait too long if it's the first message.

You need to pop into her mind as soon as you can so you'll be larger than any other of her text buddies. And if you want her to text you back, you have to still be funny. The better you can make her remember that moment before she handed you her number the better it is for you. Just think about and carry on the fun vibe you had when you met her. Simple isn't it. Told you.

Think of something you did with her and the funny moments you shared together. Don't jump the gun just because you think it's good, think again. It never hurts. Ask yourself if the text you're about to send is exciting and different. If you want to be sure, if it makes you laugh, she'll probably laugh at it, too. Don't let your interest in her overflow, you won't be able to think clearly.

Don't check your phone too often to see if she has replied.

Your mistakes will pile up and you'll only lose her the moment that happens. The dangers of this is clear as day, neediness and desperation gets a power up. Another more dangerous think could happen, you'll start to get jealous without knowing it. It can even make her think twice before meeting you again.

And that's not good. Clear you mind. You don't have a relationship with her so clearly you can't be jealous out of nothing.

Unless you're a psycho.

If she's not paying enough attention at you, don't feel bad about it. Instead, let her know you're not like all the guys she know. You know she's not the only girl you have your eyes on, so show it and act like it. Never send her any needy text show how much you need her. Unless you want her to lose all attraction for you, go ahead and be needy. Don't text her back immediately every single time.

Take a little time and wait and don't be too eager. And of course, you don't want to send her too many text more than you need to. It should be about the same or less. Don't overuse emoticons and flatter her all the time. Don't be texting her when you're drunk or bored or when you're not thinking clearly. Don't seek any validation from her and send only texts shw'll want to respond to.

And don't risk getting into the friend zone by having mindless talks. Don't trip that trap and change subjects quickly. It's better to just create more attraction with her, don't you think? GIve her the impression that you're always having fun. Just show her that you are not like any other chump out there. 

Give her the fun and enjoyment she needs. Do this and she'll be thinking about you all night long. Make her wonder if she's missing out by not being with you. You can do this by not answering every question she asks you.

Know that what's important is the personality you're showing her in every message in you send. Don't repeat the mistakes all the guys make with boring questions.  Too many questions can easily annoy anyone not just girls you're texting. Remember to include some personality to a message that will make her want to respond. Make her laughing out loud and get her addicted to your text messages with magnetic messaging.

You can do that. A really lame joke can work for the initial text to get a good laugh. But don't be too predictable with everything you do. Keep her guessing, too. So when you reply to her, don't send it faster than a lightning bolt from Zeus. This can make her think about you without you doing anything special.

Making her wait is not a bad thing, it makes her enjoy the game even more. It's very important that you remember this. What you want is to give her some positive emotions that will make her think of you every time. Texting a girl is one of the more important things to learn if you want to keep in touch with her. If it's hard for you to think of what to send to her, there's always a way.


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